"What you decide to create should have its own life outside of what strangers think about it." ~ Merlin Mann

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"Wherever you travel, the old you comes along in the suitcase." ~ Merlin Mann

Quote from RODERICK ON THE LINE | Episode of 86 The Junius Issue

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"It’s very exhilarating to realize what you can survive, and it’s really exhilarating to realize that those kinds of changes over which you have no control while they will always come along can always be seen as some kind of small opportunity. " ~ Merlin Mann

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"You got to be careful to not get too comfortable with incremental improvement. I think sometimes you just got to jump off a ledge." ~ Merlin Mann

"Thinking can really be the enemy of action, and thinking can be the enemy of reality." ~ Merlin Mann

"I would never judge another parent, unless they weren’t as good as me." ~ Merlin Mann

"Stupid’s not allowed to stick to me." ~ Merlin Mann

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"The upside of getting your butt kicked is that you learn not only a certain kind of humility but you learn that you’ll survive. " ~ Merlin Mann

"Workflow is understanding your job, understanding your tools, and then not thinking about it any more." ~ Merlin Mann

"You can either be binary or not." ~ Merlin Mann